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  • The Bible is the divinely inspired, written Word of God, consisting of sixty-six canonical books, in both the Old and New Testament. Because God the Holy Spirit is the author of Scripture, it is without error and trustworthy (II Tim. 3:16II Pet. 1:20-21). In it, God has revealed Himself to us and tells us all we need to know for salvation. Everything it teaches is to be believed, everything it commands is to be obeyed, and everything it promises is to be trusted (Romans 3:4).


  • We use the King James (Authorized) Version because we believe it is the most faithful English translation.


  • God is Triune. He is three persons in one Being: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19).


  • God is sovereign over all things in heaven and earth. He created the world and all it contains in six literal, 24-hour days (Genesis 1-3Exodus 20:11) and he continues to uphold and govern all things by His providence, so that no creature or event is outside His plan. The ultimate purpose of creation and all things is the glory of His Name.


  • God sovereignly desires to save and does save only His elect people. Because all men are born spiritually dead (unable to do any good), they are unable to anything to earn their salvation. We are saved only by God’s grace (Ephesians 2:1-8). God has chosen a people from before the creation of the world to be saved by the work of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross (Ephesians 1:45). God regenerates our sinful hearts through the work of the Holy Spirit (John 3:3-8) and gives us faith to believe that Jesus Christ saves us. He also gives us grace to serve Him in our daily life. We conclude: salvation is in Christ Jesus alone (John 14:6Acts 4:12). Thus, to all comes the command: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!” (Acts 16:31)

  • God is a God of love. He demonstrates that love through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross (Romans 5:8). God’s love is particular, which means it is only for His people. Jesus endured the eternal punishment His people deserved by dying on the cross.


  • Jesus is coming again to judge the living and dead (II Timothy 4:5). Those who believed on Him will live forever with Him in heaven and those who have not believed on Him will suffer God’s just and eternal wrath in hell (Revelation 20:11-15).


  • We believe the church is the universal body of Jesus Christ, chosen from all eternity, and gathered out of all nations, tribes, and tongues (Rev. 7:9). Christ’s church comes to manifestation on this earth in visible congregations throughout the world (I Cor. 1:2) where there is the preaching of the pure gospel (I Cor. 1:18-21), the pure administration of the sacraments (Matt. 28:19), and the proper administration of church discipline (Matt. 18:15-18). Everyone is obligated join a true church, for the Lord adds to the church daily such as should be saved.


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